An organisation is as good as its leadership. Amply demonstrated at Six Inches with a vision that has translated into growth, recognition and continues to make waves in new directions. Based on 11 principles of entrepreneurship that the leadership believes in.

They say the early bird catches the worm, and research suggests there might be some truth to the old adage. I belong to the 5 am Club, it gives me control over the day and my tasks. Waking up with (or before) the sun allows leaders to get a head start on the day, revisit long-term goals and breaking them down and knocking out tasks before the rest of the world has rolled out of bed. Those “extra” hours with fewer distractions and fresh energy also give a chance to do some creative thinking, fit in a workout, and spend time with family. And it should be noted that waking up early doesn’t necessarily mean losing sleep. It just means sleeping early.

Leaders must be readers. I believe in learning from others and I constantly read a book – be it a flight or a vacation. Currently, I am reading ‘The One Thing’ by Keller Gary, a fantastic read for being focused. Reading is an exercise for the brain, just like the workout is for a body. With biographies and management books, you get access to the richest minds in the world. If you are a leader, you should be striving to develop knowledge to improve yourself, your company, and the people who work for you. To do anything less is to shortchange your ability to lead.

Recommendations:- The One Thing from Kelley Gary, The Purple Cow, Seth Godin, Zero to One, Peter Thiel, How to get from where you are to where you want to be, Jack Canfield

The biggest lie of a corporate life is “Everything matters equally”, in reality – the majority of what you want will come from the minority of what you do. Extraordinary results are disproportionately created by fewer actions than most realize. Hence, changing the “could do” to “should do” is the single biggest principle to get closer to goals because busyness rarely takes care of business.

It pays to have big thinking as it fires up the possibilities of what people can achieve. But sometimes a large ambitious goal can be daunting. But it’s achievable with small steps. A domino effect plays the role with the start of a small step in the right direction. Success is built sequentially, one step at a time.

We have all heard the popular cliché, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” and I think it’s a statement we can all agree with. One cannot achieve a great outcome by chance; it has to be planned well. Anything that’s monumental is an outcome of a well-planned project. Planning helps you be well prepared for the roadblocks, delays and saves rework time.

Planning brings clarity of the destination. Working on the plan brings the realization of a goal. Work your plan simply means to stick to the plan with blinkered vision or I would say laser focus; being persistent. One can alter the plan with respect to any change in the scenario but one cannot drift from sticking to it.

Things which matter the most must never be at mercy of things which matter the least. We now live in a world of hyper-connectivity. Every nano-second our brain is stimulated with tons of information via mobile, unwanted knocks, people claiming for attention and then there is always this urgent PANIC thing in office.
Result: – You leave your important task and you shift your focus. And the cost of coming back to the same task is way too high as you need to bring your mind back to the line of thoughts. Learn to say ‘NO’ and block time for your most important tasks. It’s fine to go home with unimportant tasks unfinished but it can cost you a lot if your important tasks are not done.

Wright brothers, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and many more failed terribly before they rose as Iconic Leaders. 100’s of examples are a proof of concept of failure before success yet many of us fear failure and do not attempt to that big idea we believe is a game changer. I have failed many times with many ideas myself yet I continue to work on big ideas every day. Change the way you look at failures and you will change your destiny.

I believe that be it winning or losing, one needs to shake the feeling and get back to work. Too often business and project teams extend their celebration or whine over a failure. 24 Hour thumb rule is a concept of winning soccer teams to shake the feeling and get back to practice the next day and aim for the next big goal. This helps the organization save time and being focused.

In a world of me too services, products and brands, there is one thing that no one can take away from you is a strong TEAM. And the best team players are rarely brought from outside, they are made from within the organisation. So coach your best, be there for them and let them take risks and fail. Because when you build your people, they will build your business.

Ideas will fail. Teams will leave. Business plans may not work the way you planned them. Don’t keep looking back at them. Sometimes business ideas can anchor you from going forward. Learn to let go. Only when you let go, you create space for something new.