The Approach

Simple and time-tested. With proven results. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ communication approach is outdated.
Step 1 – Learning how the entire marketing cycle works.
Step 2 – Discovering brand truth. To create a strong differentiation. To connect to the mind.
Step 3 – Measuring brand success – we conduct internal ‘brand reviews’ annually on our Top 5 brands. To spot trends that could induce change.
Re-align. Re-define. To create change.
The proof lies in the pudding. Our long-standing relationship with clients.

The Mission

To connect and collaborate with brands. And nurture strong roots to withstand change.

The Focus

3 focus areas of business to achieve connectedness.

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Our Story

“Between six inches of grey matter is where advertising wars take place…” Jack Trout’s ‘Brand Positioning’, was our Inspiration.

The grey space. The domain where brands and partners scream for recognition. In this space, we carved a niche for ourselves. To help sustain brands. And outlive other brands. For our clients.

We realigned our thought process. The digital revolution had taken over the media bastille by storm. Connect and Collaborate were the new buzzwords for Brands and Business. We donned the mantle of creative collaborators. We are neither an advertising agency nor creative partner nor design group. We re-define brands. We work hand-in-hand with businesses, brands and consumers. To assess what your brands need. And structure our services to help them grow. Through engaging content. To stay recognized. To stay connected. To stay sustainable.

The logo is the icon of power. The acronym SIX – Strategic, Idea-Driven, X’perience. The key to Brand Sustainability. A winner’s edge.

Meet the Team

An agency is as good as its people.

We are a democratic Agency. We think democratic. In our corporate culture. In the organization. And in a ‘people’ religion! Leveraging on this precept, our people collaborate. To ensure that every brand is a work in progress. And every success a joint endeavour.