Branding? Get Your Brave Pants On!


In my discussions with various marketers, I have come across a common objective amongst all, “I wish to be the first brand a consumer thinks about.”

That is after all “the dream”. However, what follows is how we get there. There is usually an awkward silence that follows this how. As a brand it craves to be the first thought in consumer’s mind but the know-how is a dicey proposition.

The popular book called Purple Cow by marketing guru Seth Godin sets us in motion to answer this how. The book states that if you are driving along the road and spot a purple cow, you are definitely going to notice it. Not just that, you are going to remember it and make sure that you pass this new information around. The whole idea that purple cow teaches us is that we need to dare to be unique for us to stand out from the crowd; we need to be brave.

The fear of failure and rejection is often the most common feeling that keeps us from being brave about our brand. The brand needs to push its boundaries with innovative ideas to explore potential and create a niche for itself. Being different, understanding the flexibility of your brand, using SWOT techniques, and taking that risky plunge when all the others are laying low leads to bravery that makes the right kind of an impression.

There is a fine line between #beingbrave and #beingdumb, that line is well be termed as #patience. Patience is the key to building a successful brand. The entrepreneur has to have the vision to see what the seed of an idea can create, #beingbrave is it enough? The best brands create demand rather than supply it; the ingenuity is in, being at the epicenter for such marketing expansions.

It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun, yet we see innovations on almost a daily basis, technology to enhance the day-to-day existence. “Do not Fix, what is not Broken” but brands today are just doing that, they are breaking the boundaries of conventional thinking. Mr. Gates, Mr. Jobs, Mr. Musk all have created a memorable brand. A window, an apple, a scientist… these are recognized as quality brands. The ‘Golden Arches’ can be identified by a three year old, is this magic of Branding? A simple logo can identify the whole company, be trusted and expand globally? But the question remains: How do you create a memorable Brand?

Why do we identify ourselves with a brand? What is it that has set them apart from other brands?

We live in an age of hyper-change. The mantra that counts is ‘go big or go home’.
A bold and innovative branding approach can work wonders compared to a safe approach in the present marketing scenario where consumers are always looking for something new and unique. A bold approach can also emerge triumphant by leaving a lasting impression on the consumers making them come back for more.

Remarkable brands always go bold to initiate brave ideas. We need to ask ourselves daring questions that will encourage us to push our boundaries further.

Is the brand going along the visions of the company and is the vision strong enough to empower this force?
Is the brand better and much ahead than the competition? Does it inspire the competitors to create better brands with global aspects? Can we create a niche for ourselves?

Will this brand be able to spread contagiously and be the talk of the town? And last but not the least, are we interesting enough or are we boring?

Being remarkable is a philosophy that a brand needs to adopt in its DNA. To be remarkable it’s important to be brave and to know how to get your best foot forward. Remarkable brand ideas will always turn into creative solutions.