The Work Culture

Diversity is the essence of effective marketing communications. And Six Inches has a healthy mix. A diverse workforce of talented people. Brimming-with-idea-Designers. Articulate Wordsmiths. Artists with an overflow of creative juices. Accomplished Account Executives and Democratic Strategists. Each with a unique perspective. Collaborating to produce deep consumer insights and understanding. To bring your brand to life.

Offering superior service to clients depends on the high morale of men and women. We welcome people who are hungry and work passionately. We identify their passion. Nurture it. And give them challenging opportunities. Recognition for achievement. Job enrichment. Devoid of autocracy. Or hierarchy.

We empower our workforce in the words of Spiderman: ‘With power comes greater responsibility’. Treat them with respect and watch them blossom and grow. For their own good. For the good of the organization. The brand success.