You’ve Got @-mail! Execute Email Marketing for Business success

April 21, 2017 | Digital Marketing | BY Dinesh Kulchandra

Email marketing can be a stand-alone platform to reach out to segmented audiences, if deployed effectively. Being highly cost effective, with a carefully crafted segmentation, highly competitive Return on Investments (ROI) can be achieved through email marketing. Emails are highly impactful yet understated aspects of Digital Marketing. In this age of social media frenzy, this option is not utilized to its maximum capacity.

Previously, when Email Marketing was used extensively, the problem was to track the effectiveness of the campaign. It was difficult to get an accurate report for the number of positive conversions; also most emails were treated as spam, leading to unfavourable circumstances. A blanket approach was used instead of targeted campaigns.

Using a comprehensive approach while formulating the Email Marketing Strategy is the core aspect which needs to be addressed by the CMOs. The CMOs should have a clear vision and the same need to be inculcated in the strategy of the mailer campaign to achieve the desired results. Considering the vast outreach of the Email Campaign, it becomes important to create a targeted message to be sent out to specified individuals and monitor the responses accordingly.

‘HubSpot also reports 49% of B2B marketers spend more resources on email than other channels – HubSpot’

The best aspect of ‘Email Marketing’, it is virtually inexpensive, the content can be tailored to the specifications of the targeted audiences, as well as a detailed and focused intent can be put forth to the end user. When a data-driven approach is required by the marketing team, having an excellent ‘Emailer Campaign’ can boost sales dramatically in just a short period. An emailer can have an audio-visual element attached to make it more appealing to the viewer, so as to create a lasting impression.

‘82% of consumers open emails from companies – Litmus’

As per the outlook of the CMOs, having a versatile tool as the ‘Emailer Campaign’ in the strategic toolbox is of utmost importance. The prospect of reaching a pre-set number of potential customers, being delivered a personalised advertisement, detailing the products and services offered, can maximize the output greatly. The CMOs should fully utilize the vast advantages of ‘Email Marketing’; this tool can be used as a continuous touchpoint to closely monitor and interact with the customers. The ability to respond instantly with the added benefit of having the necessary database at a click of a button can provide a favourable impact on the client.

‘83% of B2B marketers use email newsletters for content marketing- Content Marketing Institute (CMI)’

Considering the various Content Marketing touchpoints covering the dynamic market, Email Marketing surely holds its ground firmly. It holds a systematic approach to the end user, while being non-invasive; this important feature of emails is always welcomed. The customer has the option to open the emailer at his own convenience and thus increase the chance of conversions.

‘23% of readers who open an email on a mobile device open it again later – Campaign Monitor’

Looking at the demographic diversity of the current markets, it becomes essential to have a proper segmentation strategy in place to target the customers based on multiple factors. Segmentations can be based on all types of data, including: Geographics, Demographics and Profile (age, gender, social status, etc.), Psychographics (Lifestyle choices, Interests, and Opinions, etc.), Behavioural Patterns (Past Purchases, Trends, etc.). To take into account all these factors while formulating the emailer can produce the desired results.

‘Including a call to action button instead of a text link can increase conversion rates by as much as 28% – Campaign Monitor’

The 3 R’s of Marketing viz. Reach, Repetition and Relevance all need to be properly taken into consideration while creating a segmentation strategy. The Right Audience, Right Place and Right Time is crucial while determining the ‘Emailer Campaign’.

There are a lot of aspects to a successful Emailer Strategy; to understand and bring into action all these will ensure a significant increase in the conversions. Considering the best practices for a progressive campaign, a few can be taken into account.

  • Personalization of content can be utilised.
  • Specific content and information can be easily provided.
  • Additional Links can be provided to increase the turnover.
  • Strategic Marketing option can be achieved.
  • Analysing the Email trend and adapting accordingly.

Adopting a proper Emailer Strategy in the customer decision journey will lead to providing a forceful and dedicated campaign. It becomes vital to provide a highly relevant and precise informatics in the email so that the customer can be coaxed to go through the entire content and provide a favourable response.

‘Across all editions, Outlook accounts for 56% of all desktop email opens and nearly 16% of total opens in any environment – Campaign Monitor’

The customizable aspect of this tool can be adapted bearing in mind the Segmentation Strategy adopted by the marketing team. This will enable them to send focused and targeted emails which can lead to increase sales and conversions. The intention is to provide relevant information to the potential user so as to get a positive feedback for the email. Segmenting is a vital process to ensure better responses and a higher open and click ratio. By having a tapered focus through segmentation it would be possible to enable relevant campaigns and encash on the email marketing at a much favourable rate.

The marketing team must analyse the database carefully and use segmentation, craft a relevant campaign to enhance the outreach to its customers. Having a segmented approach can dramatically increase the conversion rate and run a successful ‘Emailer Campaign’ everytime.

‘Marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns – Campaign Monitor’

Looking at the technical aspect of the ‘Emailer Marketing Strategy’, it becomes highly important to track the success factors of the campaign. Various software are available to track the campaign status, Email Monitoring, CRM, Google Analytics, all these can be integrated within the campaign to provide reports. A variety of metrics can be monitored to get an accurate impact of the emailer sent.

We have the Click through Rate, the Conversion Rate, the Delivery Ratio, Bounce ratio, Subscriber Growth Ratio and the overall Return on Investment (ROI). All these can be successfully monitor the results.

Looking at the communication elements of Email Marketing and the diversified products and services using the campaign it is important to notice the elaborate strategies used by various brands.

Case Study: Marriott International is a multi-national chain of hotels currently operating 4,200 properties in 80 countries and territories. The marketing department of Marriott International was able to create a personalized theme concept for their Emailer Campaign. The creative division at the Marriott created a ‘This Year in Review’ campaign to improvise an international informational mailer. It collaborated with multiple departments to align, develop and connect the company with the clients to create a ‘We’ effect.

The other examples we can consider are the simplicity of Uber’s Email Campaign , the comeback strategy used by Dropbox these corporations were able to deliver a successful Email Marketing Strategy and maximize the sales. Various case-studies can be used as an apt example of using the Emailer Strategy for turning the tide over and acquiring positive results. GoDaddy itself offers a variety of Email Marketing options to create a comprehensive strategy.

These have shown that with the right approach and a focused, personalised concept it is possible to create an elaborate mailer campaign which can do wonders for the business. The essence of the marketing idea can be inculcated in the emailer who can easily be revisited by the potential customer at convenience thus rendering a higher chance of growth. Emailer Strategy gives the chance to personally reach out to the client and create a lasting relationship through a responsive medium.

‘Simple ideas put through elegant designs: The mantra for Email Marketing.’