A Branding Exercise For Personal Care And Ayurvedic Medicine

Product: Satranga – an Ayurvedic product range for personal care and medicine, originating in Rajasthan

Brief: Being a new entrant in this category, Satranga had a huge challenge to stand out in the already established shelf space. Hence the need for a brand creation exercise.

ClientSatrangaServicesBrand CreationYear2016

The Approach: Spending time with the promoters and at their factories in Rajasthan, we realized that this brand had a story behind it. Satranga sourced raw materials like herbs and essentials from a pure source and most of it was home grown too. This also resulted in authentic and pure products that help in various symptoms or beauty care. No wonder the brand has been a favourite in the rural areas and the management wanted to bring this legacy to urban towns.

The brand identity was derived from the earthy nature of this business. Lean typefaces were used with an element of leaf – a natural essential element of ayurveda, thus giving the brand an interesting visual identity across mediums.

Keeping in mind the urban consumer who is smart and wants authentic products, we decided to make the purity of this brand as the central story. The essential herbs and elements of nature were illustrated to showcase the ingredients upfront on the packaging. For each product we created a collage of elements in a way that it appeals to the consumers. Graphical patterns inspired from Indian arts were also created as background for packaging and various communication extensions.

Result: Satranga is successfully carving a niche for itself in modern trade and retail outlets.

Services rendered: Brand identity, Visual identity, Collaterals, Packaging, illustrations.
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