An Illustrative Ooh Campaign To Jump On To The Kingston Bandwagon

Product: Flash drives, Mobile memory cards and RAM’s

Brief: Kingston Technology, wanted to promote their new range of products – Flash drives, Mobile memory cards and RAM’s. The target audience was a mix of college goers and young professionals.

ClientKingstonServicesBrand CreationYear2015

The Approach: To deviate from the stereotype product pictures and features and use a fresh approach. To excite the young target group we decided to keep the campaign communication aligned to sports, music and movies being the prime product attributes. We further enhanced the campaign by adding a twist to situations from popular Bollywood movies, sports and iconic figures through the use of illustration. These illustrations with larger than life figures were placed on billboard in strategic locations near colleges and the vicinity of corporate parks to grab eyeballs of the target audience

The Result: The approach worked to astounding results and boosted confidence of channel partners with increase in demand of products.

Services rendered: Campaign idea, Art Direction, Copywriting, illustrations, Media Planning.
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