Attracting Capital Market Investors Through Ingenious Brand Creation

Product: ‘Bullion Plus Plus’, a revolutionary concept in bullion investments aimed at HNIs

Brief: Brand Creation – to attract capital market investors to ‘Bullion Plus Plus’ with an assured double return edge.

ClientRiddhiSiddhi Bullions Limited (RSBL)ServicesBrand CreationYear2016

The Approach: Debating with potential investors revealed their apprehensions of bullion investments as an Asset category. In reality, the capital market investors came across as a motley crew of conservative and high-risk takers and information gazers appreciated crisp trading. To penetrate this mindset and tap this audience, the campaign, it was averred, “had to be simple and spot-on!”

The product identity was inspired from natural elements – bullion bars are heavy, strong and metallic. The deep colour Red, was chosen for branding based on Indian affinity to this colour. These elements are precious and relate to all things ‘auspicious’. The basic look of the creatives was simple, bold and communicated the solid nature of the product.

The Result: Bullion++ made its mark in the industry and captured the attention of investors and has emerged as India’s first revolutionary bullion platform.

Services rendered: Brand Identity, Print Communication, Digital assets.
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