Brand Creation With Claps And Slaps For Movie Buffs

Product: A unique rating platform for movie lovers

Brief: Brand creation for India’s most unique rating platform. For the community of movie lovers.

ClientClaps N SlapsServicesBrand CreationYear2016

The Approach: A movie buff came to us with a dream that he wanted to bring to real life. The main objective was not only to launch a brand but also to impel movie watchers to sign up and join this unique movie community. We had to strategically come up with a rare brand name, identity and theme that would excite, catch on and connect with users.

The funda arrived at was simple – to hand over power to the common movie buff so that he becomes the critic and gives an honest rating and review. Taking inspiration from a moviegoer’s reaction while watching good or bad movies we crafted the name ClapsandSlaps. In order to launch this revolutionary site with a bang, Krishna Abhishek was handpicked as the face of the brand. Through an OOH media campaign and a smashing TVC, became the talk of B-town.

The Result: ClapsandSlaps made its footprints felt in the market and connected with its target audience easily. This online portal is much sought after by all movie buffs. With over 11,000 registered users, 46,618 Facebook fans and 2,142 Twitter followers, this brand is constantly gaining momentum. It is a popular trending portal for critics to clap for good movies and slap the bad ones.

Services rendered: Nomenclature, Brand Identity, Brand Communication, OOH, TVC, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, and Activation.
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