Bulk Up With Mr.Bullionaire

Product: BullionIndia.com, a revolutionary idea to start owning gold and silver in small denominations at rock bottom prices.

Brief: To create awareness of the portal with simplicity and attract sign-ups.

ClientFinkurve Bullion Private Limited (FBPL)ServicesBrandingYear2016

The Approach: After a dipstick survey was conducted, it was understood that Indian consumers have a yen towards physical asset class such as real estate and metals. Gold and Silver topped the charts when it came to investments. These metals have been considered precious gifts for various cultural events and Indian weddings.

It also emerged that the concept of saving is ingrained in the middle class families of India. We considered showing the man of the house as our key mascot as he contributes 70% towards household revenues. These men face the dilemma of saving for the future or spending on current needs – be it the wedding of their kids or security for future. While they have an array of options for future saving, we wanted them to consider BullionIndia.com as well for their future goals.

To connect to this target audience, Mr. Bullionaire was conceived in a bid to impress upon them the idea of investing in gold and silver in a light-hearted manner.

Mr. Bullionaire is a reflection of every modern Indian man. It reflects the aspiration of a bright future and the satisfaction of achieving dreams. This character mirrored the 35+ male with his wife and mother in background who play a key influencing role in these investments. The character was designed to portray confidence, patience and wisdom as the key man of the house.

We tailored an identical personality, taking him as close as we could to touch the hearts of our target prospects. Starting from his attire to his expressions, his mother and wife; attention was paid to every minute detail. Hinglish was the chosen mode of communication to connect to the common man. The mascots were captured into digital marketing, web banners, e-mailers and other communications such as channel partner branding.

The Result: BullionIndia.com won acclaim by prospects and current customers with many choosing Bullion India’s SIP over other investments. Bullion India’s website received a commendable response. Customers began to pour in to buy, sell and invest with Bullion India.

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Services rendered: Insights, Communication Strategy, Mascot Creation, Digital communication and implementations.
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