Communicating A Csr Mission: Give Back With A Grateful Heart

Brief: To spearhead a CSR activity for ‘Give Back’

ClientGive BackServicesBrand CreationYear2016

The Approach: ‘Give Back’ – a donation drive, for people to donate their old clothes, shoes, books and toys to the less fortunate. To start with, a unique identity was given to the brand. With an appropriate logo. Six Inches partnered the ‘Give Back’ project. From beginning to end.

A distinctive donation box was placed to encourage people to contribute to this event. This box consisted of a see–through window within the cover image. To convey that every donation truly mattered and had the power to make a difference.

Apart from this, an OOH strategically set up encouraged donations. Being believers in the concept of “Charity begins at home”, the Six Inches staff played a pivotal part in this movement. Special T – shirts were designed for volunteers, to promote the identity of the brand. This activity was recorded and made into an Audio-visual film. To promote the brand on a digital platform. And to cover all mediums of communication and brand endorsement on a larger scale.

The Result: A gratifying ‘feel-good’ warmth. A social activity that brought in an astounding awareness and reaped desired results.

Services rendered: Brand Identity, Communication, Web, Social, OOH, Activation.
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