The Connection:

#EngraveYourLove campaign was born with an objective of adding a human touch to the USB drive. The key insight was that despite having deep regards for their dear ones, most people do not express their love adequately. With this campaign we wanted to encourage the importance of expressing love to the special people in one’s life. The unique gratification was that the most special messages were given a USB engraved with their loved one’s name.

The Execution:

#EngraveYourLove was initiated with creative teaser campaign having an emotional touch, to create a buzz. That itself got people talking about the campaign. The teaser launch video attracted 88000 views with a total reach of 427K. 30 unique creatives were created by Team Six Inches, for this campaign. To increase the scope of creativity the participants were given choices to share their entries in the form of plain text, images, GIFs or a video.

Each response was custom replied with zero automation. Real-time ORM & response management helped garner more reach & better post edge rank. Multiple entries were allowed & participants were given choice to share their entries on different posts. Daily analysis around unique entries & responses helped to manage media promotion across the entire campaign.

The Results:

• Increase in likes by 29000+
• 6000+ Comments as valid entries
• 2160+ Shared
• 12.6% Engagement