Kingston Technology #ShootToWin: Six Inches attracts more than 27,000 FB responses in 3 days

Kingston’s Need:
Kingston Technology, one of the most trusted memory brands in the world, wanted to popularize their best-selling A400 SSDs on Facebook. Solid State Drives have revolutionized high-speed storage, as they work much faster than hard drives, making them a great computing option.

ClientKingston TechnologyServicesDigitalYearJune - 2017

Six Inches’ Solution

Having delivering successful social media campaigns in the past for Kingston Technology, we wanted to raise the bar with an exciting and unique drive which would generate user engagement as well as promote Kingston’s hot selling A400 SSD. To do that, we organized a theme-based photography contest on Facebook:#ShootToWin.

The campaign theme was ‘SPEED’, based on A400 SSD’s prime feature of being fast. We wanted users to connect SSD’s with Speed in a creative manner and this contest seemed the best idea for it. Users were asked to capture anything and everything that defines ‘SPEED’ to them. The participants were given creative freedom in their entries, which enticed them to bring their creativity into their pictures. It was publicized through hashtag #ShootToWin.

The campaign was promoted via a series of teasers and launch posts. An exclusive auxiliary and last day post were created to get maximum entries on the final.

“I am impressed by the quick turnaround of ideas from Six Inches team. We were pressed on time and we wanted to do something exciting on Facebook and we could achieve this with the partnership from Six Inches. The campaign idea associated very well with the product attribute, and the overall management of the campaign was very smooth. I am happy with the results achieved from this campaign”

Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director – India , Kingston Technology.

Promotion through Prizes

The campaign was scheduled for 3 days on Kingston’s official Facebook page and the best entries were given Kingston A400 SSDs worth Rs. 9000 each. This worked out to be a wonderful gift as well as an automatic promotion for the product. Apart from the contest winners, we also decided to appreciate the fans with daily prizes. 3 lucky winners were given Kingston’s limited edition Vogue USB drives.

Campaign Highlights

Engaging with Users

Each response was custom replied with zero automation. Real-time ORM and response management helped garner more reach and better post edge rank. We ran daily analysis around unique entries and responses to manage media promotion across the entire campaign.

The overall campaign received great response by reaching a whopping 1,96,261 people by the end of 3 days, delivering on our promise of creating huge engagement on Kingston’s Facebook Page.