The Approach: To communicate this labour-of-love story. Through a video for web, inter-office displays and expos.

It takes a lot of thinking, planning and preparation to make an ancestral business come alive in a slick video/commercial and to do it with grace. The commercial captures the essence of a legacy of business offerings. Amidst the kaleidoscope of a rural India back drop, the relationship of father and sons in the business arena are effectively captured through the portrayal of the Mohite Family.

The commercial is also a tribute to the age old family heirloom. This family tradition is soon becoming extinct. It touches the soft spots when one views the legacy being passed on from father to his kids as he helps them draw various businesses.

The Result: An eye opener for many old, traditional family businesses on importance of branding their business. We received rave reports about the tender treatment of the commercial which was heart-warming, including the Mohite family.

Services rendered: Communication Strategy, Scripts, Production.
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