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Six Inches Make Photogranth App Click!

The Need
Photogranth approached Six Inches to take its expertise in artisan photography albums into the digital hemisphere through its mobile app. Since, being into artisan album business, and with day to day transaction with Professional photographers, Photogranth became well aversed with obstacles and predicament plaguing in the lives of professional photographer and on-the-move smart artists.

The idea was to come up with one such smart-app, which would take care of the problems faced by photography professionals and enthusiasts, as well as give them a platform where they could showcase their photography skills as art, share their vision and proposition for future business growth.


The Connection:

The Technological advances that have arrived in an almost blitzkrieg fashion – have impacted and utterly changed the way in which both companies and individual consumers alike do business, as well as the manner in which marketing and advertising are conducted. Today innumerable apps are available in the market, which fulfill the business requirements of every industry. But ironically, no app was available, which could carry out photographers’ business requisite. And the endeavor was to fill the gap.

Six Inches and Photogranth teams collaborated to ascertain the challenges faced by photography professionals. Some of the problems surfaced in countless hours of research were:

– No sync with latest technology
– Need for active digital portfolio
– Lack of brand recognition and visibility
– Entail preview anytime and anywhere
– Delay in album selection and payments
– Necessary security and privacy
– No track of client preferences

Photogranth app is the answer to all these shortcomings. Gone are the days of holding customers hostage and forcing them to sit through the slide show of wedding photos. Now photographers can showcase their work to clients on the move. With Photogranth app selection of images for album is quicker which means quick album delivery and payments. While uploading each photo, photographers also have the option to upload it to social media platforms. Each and every image carries photographer’s signature. It gives your brand leverage high word of mouth, which means more business.

Six Inches envisaged Photogranth as a smart app for photography professionals and on-the-move smart artists that will enhance their business in such a way that they can focus on their art and leave the rest to this app. The consumer-centric UI design was created by us, closely working with photographers. The new UI is a perfect blend of experience and utility, making photographers lives’ easier and savvier.

The Result:

Photogranth was premiered to top notch photographers and smart artists at Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair, held in Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai on 7th Jan 2016. The launch was attended overwhelmingly by more than 10000+photography enthusiasts and professionals. This relatively new app has gained an enormous following in a surprisingly short time. Its ease of use, supportive community, and fun artsy filters all contribute to its popularity.