Rebranding A B2B Giant

Product: Leaders in auto components and transmission business

Brief: Rebranding – RSB, a global engineering organisation headquartered in Pune. Leaders in auto components and transmissions business since 30 years. The organisation was going through a high growth stage they desired to transform the current brand identity to reflect a new vision.

ClientRSB TransmissionsServicesRebrandingYear2016

The Approach: A brand audit was spread across 8 cities, across plants, across people at various positions to understand the soft values of the organisation. After 2 months of detailed analysis and research modules, the brand was given a precise treatment.

It became evident that RSB was driven by a burning desire to create world class business. To give the best to the customers. And led by a ‘Never Say No’ attitude. We understood that the passion to achieve the dream was limitless. Keeping our months of research and interactions with various people, we suggested a new brand energizer for the organisation: “Where Dreams are Responsibilities”. The new energizer was placed with a fresh look to the existing logo.

A brand guideline was created to capture the essence of the brand to be used across all plants of RSB.

To activate the new branding internally with all employees, a series of internal promotions were planned. The new story was publicised across the organisation through a teaser campaign linked to a microsite. The site expressed the new vision and the energy and also creatively showcased the milestones achieved during the years. New collaterals, infographics, merchandising, work environment branding were established for people to feel the new energy.

For external stakeholders such as client, partners and associates, branding was augmented through participation in various Expos, Print Campaigns and direct communication such as calendars and mailers.

The Result: In around 18 months, the key personnel reported that an aura of fresh energy was evident in the organisation. The new brand guidelines were well established with the key custodians.

Services rendered: Multi-city Brand Audit, Insights, Communication Strategy, Brand identity, Brand Manual, Corporate Communication, Internal Communication, Expo Design, Microsite.
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