Simplifying Phillip Capital Website User Experience.

Brand: Phillip Capital is a gigantic conglomerate with a legacy of 40 years and operating in financial hubs of 16 countries, with over 1 million clients worldwide. Phillip offers a bouquet of quality and innovative financial services to retail, HNI’s, family offices, Corporate and Institutions.

Brief: We were hired to look at the future of Phillip Capital digital presence – transforming a complex, non-responsive product driven website into a simplified yet user driven experience, finding new strategic insights and creating a new web where things are quicker, simpler and better for Institutional, HNI and NRI investors.

ClientPhillip CapitalServicesWebsite DevelopmentYear2017

The Approach: For this extremely complex task bringing together all services and products, effective collaboration was key. We worked closely with all stakeholders from across the business at every stage. The new Website needed to take a giant leap in reliability, consistency, performance and the user experience. To create a smooth integration process, Phillip Capital and Six Inches teams worked together to brainstorm potential issues and solve them together.

We dissected the overcrowded site map, broke down services and created fewer compartments for easy access and identification. With a deep mind mapping exercise, a focused UX strategy was created. A mix of primary and secondary colors was used to create a set of creative messages to appeal the right audience. More than 100 creative banners were made to make unique pages for products and services, initiatives and forms.

The Result: Phillip Capital existing and potential clients now enjoy a best-in-breed end-to-end experience. The new web platform is fast, informative and relevant to the users. Best of all, it’s a platform that Phillip Capital can build on, adding on future functionality as and when it’s needed.