TALK TO ME…says Phillip!

Product: Phillip Capital is a gigantic conglomerate operates in financial hubs of 16 countries, with over 1 million clients worldwide while offering a range of quality and innovative services to retail, HNI’s, family offices, Corporate and Institutions.

Brief: To build a conversation between HNI investors and Phillip Capital with “Talk to Phillip” campaign.

ClientPhillip CapitalServicesBrand CampaignYear2016

The Approach: Phillip Capital, a Singapore based financial firm, was poised to set foot on Indian soil in Mumbai. The main objective was not only to launch the brand but also to connect with HNI’S. Phillip Capital’s global tagline is “Talk to Phillip”, and our challenge was to retain the global tagline with a local flavour.

Conversations with HNI’S brought about realization that this was no mass audience but rather, a sophisticated and well-read target audience. We were talking to an audience that follows market news and trends as it happens”

Communication was based on the premise that the investors’ sentiment was a major factor to be reckoned. It was decided to plan for multiple campaigns across the year. Campaigns that would reflect the trend, share the joy of a bull market and guide the investor in tough market situations. 4 different campaigns were executed in a period of 2 years, expressing visible trends for market fluctuations – pre-elections, election results, forming of a new government and a new Prime Minister, the Union Budget, etc. We chose OOH media as a single medium to deliver these campaigns. Based on our research that the relevance of this medium was highest in the audience mind.

The Result: Phillip Capital was able to communicate the messages effectively. The response from the investor community was positive. Delivery of multiple campaigns at various intervals and well timed, connected with the investors. It helped create a niche in the market, reinforcing Phillip Capital’s brand position. This strategic execution won us accolades from both client and their global partners

Services rendered: Campaign Strategy, Illustrations, OOH and Press Ads
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