Sale: Is That Your Marketing Strategy This Festive Season?

Thursday 31, 2017 | Marketing | BY PRAVIN SHAH

India is a country which is a confluence of traditions and customs. It is a country where festivals are not only seen as a celebration but is also very closely associated with shopping. The festivities begin from the month of August – September with the homecoming of Ganesha and Rakshabandhan extending upto Navratri, Diwali, Eid, continuing all the way up to the party month of December. The months from August to December are known as the festive season and seen as one of the most lucrative months for brands and marketers who create newer and exciting shopping opportunities for the consumers in the festive mood. In a country where festivals are connected with emotions, marketers identify several opportunities to connect with the consumers and drive home a purchase decision for the consumer. While discounts and sales are one of the oldest festive marketing tactics, marketers are now concentrating on other ways to induce purchase and drive sales for their brands. The discount strategy today has become a cluster and hence brands find it a challenge to have their brand shout out in this festive season striking a chord with the customer.

Key Strategies For the Festive Season Every Marketer Could Use
If you have begun planning your strategies to drive home the sales for this festive season, here are some of the key trends and strategies that you could have up your sleeve to have a rocking month for your brand.

  • Start Early and Build the Campaign: Creating a buzz is a key to differentiating your brand from the many others in the market. Start your campaigns early on media like social media to create the required buzz. One day sales and flash sales have a shorter life, however, a timer or countdown to the big day of the sales will get people to look forward to your sales days. Brands like Amazon and Jabong do a very effective early building campaign when it comes to big festive sales.
  • Emotions Sell Better Than Sales: Amazon is a classic case study on how emotions sell even better than discounts during the festive season. Their touching ads that played this festive season like ‘mom be a girl again’ or the touching Ganesh Chaturthi ad spoke of the essence behind festivals and gifting, striking an emotional chord with the consumers. Such advertising work on creating brand loyalty and recognition, making them your first preference at the time of sales rather than just being one of them.
  • Building brand loyalists: This festive season marketers are going an extra mile building brand loyalists by connecting discounts to customer building. Social media is a great platform to engage new customers and retain the old customers. Marketers have special promotions asking consumers to like and share their purchases on the brand social media pages to avail special discounts and offers. This not only helps in meeting marketing and sales goals for the festive period but also helps marketers reach out to a larger target audience. Daily deals, flash sales, flash banner ads help in stirring curiosity in the minds of the consumers making them come back to you periodically thereby helping in better conversions during the festive season.
  • Look Good: ‘Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikta Hai’ translated as ‘What looks good sells’; is an age old marketing saying that holds very true in today’s world of social media marketing. Online shopping has made looks one of the prime factors that induce purchase for a consumer. Showcasing your best for the festive season works in garnering the right eyeballs for your brand. This holds largely true for jewellery, apparels and accessory brands which are the key sellers this season. Including your top selling products in your marketing communication just ensures that your target audience doesn’t miss your communication in the existing clutter.
  • Put up a Time Limit: One of the best ways to ensure traffic and multiply your conversion rates is to put a start date and an end date to your marketing campaigns. This makes the consumers see more value in your offers and promotions creating a sense of urgency in taking the buying decision rather than postponing it.
  • Surprise Your Customers: Discounts and offers are something that everyone does, and hence it is time to go that extra mile to surprise your customer. From a small surprise gift to a well-wishing card with a discount coupon or enabling free shipping do it all that it takes to surprise your customer.

Bringing in an element of fun and excitement to the festive shopping campaign is one of the best ways to catch the attention of your consumer in the clutter. Make the festive season an enjoyable period for the customer to shop stress-free. Do not treat the festive season as a money making season, instead make it a happy festive season for the consumer to shop. With this note, we wish you all a happy festive season ahead.