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“The Impact of Social Media on Customer Experience”

By changing the dynamics of customer service, social media has become the preferred channel for customers to connect with brands. Right from reading reviews of fellow customers to doing research for a product, it is changing the customer decision journey and the way business is done.

Downloading this guide on ‘The Impact of Social Media on Customer Experience’ will not only provide you an insight into why it is necessary to embrace social media in an ever-evolving landscape of digital technologies, but also offer you a perspective on customer service via social media:

Here’s what you will get to learn:

  • Why 50% satisfied customers add to extra revenue.
  • How social media has taken over call centers as the mode for customer service.
  • 10 hours – the record for the longest customer service call.
  • The power of influencer marketing.
  • Why social media engagement increases customer’s spends by 20-40%.
  • How social media recommendations influences the buying decisions of 71% customers.

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