What it means to be a Six Inches Bug?

We all are bitten by passion. Creation is our Oxygen. Ideas our language. Collaboration our ecosystem. Delivering our motto. At Six Inches a common thread runs through each one of us, impactful ideas in flash like turn-around times. We believe each individual is unique and that uniqueness is an important cog in the overall machine of creativity. We believe each one of us are cogs who give their best and the rest just happens.

We are heavy on collaborations and floating methods of working. Being under one-roof as a rigid, corporate structure is not our style, we can be anywhere, sipping a coffee, huddled in a couch, as far as work gets done. We believe people function best in place they feel are conducive to their personality.

Our team is medley of talents and skills. From strategists, research experts, visualizers, designers, architects, interior designers, photographers, illustrators, writers to implementers we have them all. We believe in creating a diverse mix of skill sets as that ensures fresh dimensions and point of views always. Our culture is about mutual growth, learning and excelling. Long-term relations is what keeps the show running thus we foster transparent and win-win partnerships.

Say Hey! To the Team

An agency is as good as its people.

We are a democratic Agency. An organization of genuine and honest people. In our corporate culture ‘people’ is the religion. Leveraging on this precept our people collaborate to ensure that every brand is a success. And every success is a joint endeavour. So pop in and say hello!

We are always on the lookout for new talent. Be a part of the Six Inches world.

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