We live in a world that suffers from the problem of plenty. Our consumers have plenty of choice, abundance of advertising messages and a dozen distractions and with this their attention spans are shrinking. In a scenario like this cutting through the clutter is the challenge. We create experiential concepts that are high on engagement, innovation and disruption. Our concepts connect your brand identity, advertising and retail presence seamlessly and make your brand a memorable experience in the consumers’ life. From events to innovative disruptions to consumer engagements we do it all.

Live Event

When it comes to getting people to recommend a brand, nothing gets people talking about a brand like live experiences and events do. Live events are an important ingredient in the process of branding. We are experts in architecting live events that unify your consumers into prospects and provide them a first-hand experience of your brands’ essence. We weave live events and experiences with powerful creatives and tech. Intensive engagement, amplified messaging through tech and higher probability of conversion is what live events offer.


We provide exclusive and differentiated branding for exhibitions. We are aware that an exhibition targets multiple stakeholders and thus it needs to exhume a unifying identity that offers a memorable and engaging experience to each of them. Keeping this aspect in mind we base our expo designs and experiences on accurate consumer insight. We understand each stakeholder and their needs and weave them in our visionary designs, which are further accentuated by our highly skilled and experienced execution team. Our team possesses extensive experience in the expo space. We ensure that your brand stands-out where it ought to. We architect bespoke exhibitions spaces, stands, and create unforgettable experience for your walk-in consumers and other stakeholders.

Channel marketing events

Be it a new product launch, a relationship building or a goal setting initiative, a dealer meet, a networking meet, for any and every specific channel building and catalysing need, we architect unforgettable events. These events are conceptualised, organized and managed to achieve your specific goals. We have a team of experts who understand the nuances of channel marketing events and this expertise ensures your brand is strengthened in your channel marketing universe.