Client: New India. A self-funded NGO founded by a Bangalore based entrepreneurial & visionary couple, Mr. Vijay Tata & Mrs. Amrita Tata.

NGO’s core goal – an invincible India. Core causes – Women empowerment, serving underprivileged children and better health-care in India.

Sector: Not for profit organization (NGO)

Brief: It was a wide canvas in the form of a one-liner, Brand this NGO and launch it across India. We were left in-charge of the entire creation, planning and execution process.

Challenges: A limited timeline, to deliver high quality and impact.

ClientNew IndiaServicesBrand CreationYear2018

Approach -

We took an all media approach. Spread the net wide and ensure coverage. Be out there everywhere.

Branding -

We architected the name, the logo, and the core collaterals and communication cues of the NGO.

  • The Name – New India was conceived for it simple, direct and has a new dawn kind of undertone to it. It serves the objective of the NGO to create an invincible India flawlessly. It fostered and instant connects with the client for it reflected their spirit of turning a new leaf.

  • The Logo – Anatomically it is defined and sturdy, definite lines and angles stand for the unwavering commitment. The usage of colours like black, grey and the startling red signify the bold spirit the NGO exhumes. The combination of the colour, typography gives the logo a new-age, yet sincere image.

Based on these core identity all the other communication cues were architected.

  • The Website – We designed it in the colour palate of the logo and have given it a sombre, simple and straightforward look.

  • Communication – A 360 degree campaign that covered every touch point and medium and was heavy on social media and digital marketing.

Traditional media – We used print and OOH to harbour awareness, impact and frequency. The creatives were simple and clear. The copy was direct, shocking and thought provoking. We leveraged the understanding of each medium and how it works and used it to the client’s advantage. Traditional media ensured enough noise for the launch.

Digital Marketing – The key insight is that in today’s day and age Digital platforms and Social networking are becoming an imperative to garner support and communicate social causes and proper social outrage. It is medium for the people by the people, so we made it the ‘protagonist’ medium and went all out in the digital space.

Emailers – Teasers to tellers the campaign was designed to create awareness phase wise. Invites and announcements were made through them.

Social Networking –We strategically and creatively tapped the power of social media. From viral potential posts to videos on a daily basis were uploaded and used for engagement. We used the power of visuals and tell-all videos that appealed the emotional and socially caring side of users.
Twitter and its power was used to keep the audience informed and aware about the NGOs causes, initiatives and launch. Celebrities tweeted and propelled the campaign and its cause. We had Emraan Hashmi the actor to launch the NGO and be a part of our campaign. was used to create and online petition campaign and we received humungous response.

Peripheral mediums –– We managed the event and public relations of the NGO from end to end. Media management, getting the required news coverage, celebrity endorsements, press releases and more.

We organized a rally for the NGO on the account of Womens’ Day and created a peaceful uproar and awareness about the NGO and its cause.

Result -

New India was successfully launched with high buzz across all media and digital mediums.