New India

In a country braving multiple social issues and in the day and age of high-decibel social-digital-activism to launch an NGO amongst the clutter is a challenge. The challenge is to appeal the audience in way to induce action. Simply creating awareness or simply announcing a launch doesn’t solve the core purpose of the NGO – that of availing active involvement. The challenge is to stand-out as a promising name, a brand that is sincere for its causes. That was the challenge New India, a self-funded NGO faced at its launch phase.

New India. A self-funded NGO founded by a Bangalore based entrepreneurial & visionary couple, Mr. Vijay Tata & Mrs. Amrita Tata. NGO’s core goal – an invincible India. Core causes – Women empowerment, serving underprivileged children and better health-care in India. Paraphrasing the vision of New India into a Brand, creating a strong, straightforward, promising visual identity.

Creating a strong web-experience and presence, architecting an end-to-end integrated marketing communication campaign, wherein every medium was tapped – OOH, print and digital. Making thought provoking and engagement driven content, blogs, vlogs, videos, social-media posts, twitter campaigns and an online petition, celebrity associations. The result was a highly engaging and response heavy branding exercise.


An NGO dedicated to make India a better country itself is a huge vision. The canvas as big as India. The causes covering major issues of the country, like women empowerment, quality healthcare and education for underprivileged children. The passion of its founders to reflect in the identity of the NGO. An identity that encapsulates the sincerity. These were the parameters to create a strong identity for the NGO – New India.

We went through a thorough process of white-board brainstorming, where each of this aspect were put under the thought microscope. Activities like word-associations, solid research and a focused creative distillation process helped us arrive at the brand identity.

New India was conceived for its simple, direct tonality and also it has an expression of a new dawn. It serves the objective of the NGO to create an invincible India flawlessly. It fostered and instant connect with the client for it reflected their spirit of turning a new leaf.

The Logo – our vision was to make New India appealing for its boldness yet a rooted approach to bring change. The overall anatomy defined the strength with definite lines and angles standing for the unwavering commitment. The usage of colours like black, grey and the startling red signify the bold spirit the NGO exhumes. The combination of the colour, typography gives the logo a new-age, yet sincere image.


The core objective of the communication aspect was to create a high impact intrigue, induce thought-provoking amongst audience through shock and reality checks, to establish a need for change and then introduce New India as the change.

Our approach was simple – communicate truth, truthfully.

Each piece we created, brought the reader closer to the issues we were talking about. We centred our campaign on all the three major causes of the NGO. Teasers to tellers the campaign was designed to create awareness phase wise. Invites and announcements were made through them. These creatives were then extended to varied media. We used print and OOH to harbour awareness, impact and frequency.

Digital Campaign

The key insight is that in today’s day and age Digital platforms and Social networking are becoming an imperative to garner support and communicate social causes and proper social outrage. It is medium for the people by the people, so we made it the ‘protagonist’ medium and went all out in the digital space.

We strategically and creatively tapped the power of social media. From viral potential posts to videos on a daily basis were uploaded and used for engagement. We used the power of visuals and tell-all videos that appealed the emotional and socially caring side of users.

Twitter and its power was used to keep the audience informed and aware about the NGOs causes, initiatives and launch. Celebrities tweeted and propelled the campaign and its cause. We had Emraan Hashmi the actor to launch the NGO and be a part of our campaign. was used to create and online petition campaign and we received humungous response.

Live Experiences

The entire communication culminated in two major events that we managed end-to-end.

The launch event witnessed the participation of Bollywood Actor Emraan Hashmi who inaugurated the launch. We harnessed the required media support, new coverage and public relation for the launch.

The follow up was a Womens’ Day rally which was the first event New India did post its launch. The rally sought public participation, it was a peaceful walk that took place at a prime location in the city of Bangalore. It witnessed a participation of 2000 people.


  1. Honorary celebrity tweets.
  2. Trending nationally on twitter for 4.25 hours
  3. Trending globally on twitter for 1.25 hours
  4. High number of people seeking to volunteer