The core challenge for every real-estate brand is to stand-out in the clutter of the concrete jungle, especially in a metro-city like Bangalore where chaos is the way of life. The real-estate brand that comes with a promise of not just a dream home, a great investment opportunity but also peace surely has a differentiated story to tell. The challenge is to ensure that the story appeals and sticks. PC Realty’s new project Amansara was a lucrative property investment that came with the promise of peace. The task was to reach out to the peace deprived audience.

PC Realty is one of the leading real-estate brands, it has a huge spread of properties and projects across Bangalore. It is known for its distinguished and luxurious projects. The task at hand was to launch their new Project Amansara with the promise of peace being its core differentiator. Amansara, a unique plot developed in Yelahanka, situated in the midst of serenity and lush greenery on all sides.

The brief was to position PC Realty’s Amansara as the perfect investment destination for dream homes. We managed their entire launch campaign right from Brand identity, Visual identity, Collaterals, Content, Product Video, On-site experience, Print Campaign, OOH Campaign and Social Media.

Designing an identity that delivers

To position Amansara as an exclusive property, we decided to build an overall brand integration at every touch point. The name Amansara is a blend of two Sanskrit words, ‘Aman’ (meaning ‘peace’) and ‘Apsara’ (the heavenly nymphs of Hindu mythology). The idea was to weave this ‘peaceful’ spirit of the project in every aspect of the launch communication. This core guided every aspect of the campaign.

The name Amansara found its visual expression in a minimalistic line drawing of a Dove and sprig of a plant. Dove symbolized peace and the sprig of a plant depicted the close to nature and green environment of the project, a view one can wake up to everyday. This same approach was translated to all the collaterals of the brand and each of the communication exhumed minimalism.

Peaceful creatives. Powerful messaging.

We build the brand unique proposition with a series of print and outdoor campaigns. The core message of peace and serenity was delivered with clean and minimal creatives that exhumed calm. The aspect we highlighted was the sheer space and openness the plot has to offer since its, 14 acres of land. This aspect was supported by appropriate visuals and the campaign went live across every communication touchpoint.

The journey we took to reach out to HNI audience was that of creating a unique direct emailer. The core being ‘peace and serenity’ the design was crafted to communicate a direct contrast between – the chaos-filled life of the Bangloreans and the promise of peace that Amansara offers. We designed an opening leaf, which showed the high decibels of volume across various areas and finally zeroed in on the need for a peaceful and serene place – Amansara.


Weaving a seamless web-presence.

We knew that we are dealing with a tech savvy consumer segment and a unique web experience was must. We build a quick and easy to see web that delivered on the uniquess of the project and its features. Intutive, minimal and informative, the website delivered relevant information and generated business enquiries.


There was an instant spurt in the existing database of clients and enquiries increased. The footfall increased dramatically within the first 3 days of the launch resulting in bookings.