For a century old premium jewellery brand the core challenge is to stay relevant to the contemporary present. Be appealing to the youth of today, the millennials and yet not compromise on its roots and legacy is the journey that can be summed up as Brand Transformation. Keshavlal Dalpatbhai Zaveri & Co. approached us with the will to re-energize, transform and establish their brand so that it can seamlessly connect with the new generation audience, while keeping its luxury intact.

Keshavlal Dalpatbhai Zaveri & Co. a 100 year old brand based in Mumbai, India is a premium jeweller. It was established in the year 1914. Keshavlal Dalpatbhai Zaveri & Co. known for its handcrafted, unique pieces and for its absolute integrity and purity. It is a family run organization which has an absolutely professional and modern outlook. A tradition of hard work, consistency, hospitality and honesty have kept their legacy alive.

We enabled the brand transformation through an intensive process of Brand Strategy, Brand identity, Visual identity, Collaterals, Packaging, Brand Campaigns, Photography, Exhibition Design and Digital Marketing.

Helping the old shine on, while polishing the new!

The core objective was to strengthen the existing connect with the existing loyal customers and at the same time attract and capture the attention of the new generation of those loyal families. The need of the hour was to walk with the time, without leaving behind legacy. The market is witnessing the advent of several new and contemporary brands and thus it became quintessential for KDZ to focus on the younger generation. The destiny was to not just maintain or prevent any loss in their market share but to grow.

Abbreviated to style

Our first step towards the brand transformation journey was to rejig and redo the identity of jeweller. The old brand name Keshavlal Dalpatbhai Zaveri & Co. is a name which has its issues. It is a lengthy name for a brand, it isn’t contemporary and new age, and it sounds like an old fashioned family jeweller. We wanted to overcome these issues without compromising on the legacy the name held.

The route that helped us balanced the old-new equation was that of abbreviating the name. The young generation is in an incessant habit of abbreviating their communication. Thus we chose to change Keshavlal Dalpatbhai Zaveri & Co. to KDZ. A brand name that is easy, modern and it sticks. A brand name that is built on the initials of their legacy. It sure wasn’t an easy task to convince the senior members of the brand to change and embrace this new identity, but we persevered and managed to get all on the same page with the acronym KDZ.

This name surely aided top-of-mind recall for the younger clientele.

Extending a wave of change

The next step was to extend and popularize this new identity across varied touch-points. We first aligned all the internal collaterals of the brand to this new identity, from creation of business collaterals to signages and day to day touchpoints.

We then put this new identity out there in the world through an intensive process of advertising. Print became one of our core go to medium.

The final mile was to revamp the online presence of the brand. We create a suave and sophisticated website which was in sync with the new identity. We activated their social presence by an Instagram profile. Talking to fashionistas, bloggers and paid campaigns for outreach to attract and grow a relevant community. Through this page we engage with the end consumer directly by sharing all the exclusive launches, handcrafted pieces and amazing designs.