Latest Digital Marketing Trends in Fashion Industry 2017

Tuesday 19, 2017 | Digital | BY Team Six Inches

Digital marketing in Fashion Industry, for consumers, is a means through which they interact, influence, belong and be one with the brands from which they buy. 2017 saw several fashion brands make the best use of the digital marketing trends and come up with innovative digital marketing campaigns to reach out to the customers. Some of the trends and the brands that stood out were:

1. Content Marketing: Matches Fashion’s Click-and-Shop Content
Taking content marketing to a different level, British retailer Matches Fashion made full use of ‘shoppable content’ and launched their ‘digital trunk shows,’ a series of videos where customers could see the latest collections from key designers, listen to their discussions and at the same time add items they liked to the cart. All this, while not moving away from the film.

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2. Instagram Campaign: Clothing Retailer Ryu’s #WhatsInYourBag contest
Ryu, a Vancouver-based athletic clothing retailer launched their #WhatsInyourBag marketing campaign on Instagram to promote their products. It was a give-away contest, where people had to post pictures of what they carried in their gym bags, tag Ryu and they could win a bag and a complete Ryu kit. While Ryu created promotional posts on Instagram, they also extensively promoted it on Instagram stories, keeping the contest on top-of-mind recall,expanding their reach and increasing their followers.


3. Twitter Campaign: Biba’s #ChangeTheQuestion Campaign
Biba launched its #ChangeTheQuestion campaign, where they showed a short video of a husband and wife getting ready. The wife, who is constantly worried that she is looking fat, keeps seeking her husband’s affirmation, while their young daughter walks equally dressed up. The husband looks at her and comments that she is looking beautiful, just like her mother. To which, the daughter becomes sceptical and asks, “Why? Am I also looking fat?”

This campaign touches upon the age-old societal conditioning where being fat, short, dark, tall have had their own mental stigma. The campaign, launched on Twitter, urged people to change the question from ‘Am I fat?’ to something else. This had people thinking and they did change the question to something insightful and truly beautiful.

#ChangeTheQuestion Campaign
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4. Data Analytics: Myntra Unforgettables with Novi
Data driven insights showed Myntra that Novi, an enthusiastic, fashionable and cool home maker from Aizwal Mizoram, was one of the most consistent shoppers on their platform, especially during their flagship biannual End of Reason Sale (EORS). To honour her and celebrate her as the most-valued customer, they developed a short-film on her, capturing her lifestyle, her shopping experiences and how fashion is a way of life for her people. During the course of this campaign, Myntra was also able to understand the potential the North-east market held for them and is now directing focussed efforts towards that region.

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5. Brand Campaign: Zara’s Timeless Campaign
Zara’s latest Autumn/ Winter 2017 Timeless Campaign took the fashion industry by storm because it featured women models who were over the age of 40 years. Now that’s something in an industry where young, thin and beautiful are considered the norm. The campaign was also backed with a video where the models discussed ageing. An instant hit among the audience, this campaign was hailed for breaking the conservative, traditional view that ageing isn’t beautiful. With this cleverly executed brand campaign, Zara has etched a timeless memory in the minds of people.

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All these three women starring in Timeless campaign are above the age of 40


Watch the video where the model discusses about ageing