Partnering A Phoenix To Rise On African Shores

Product: World-class IT Service Company – East Africa’s premier Information Technology Corporation

Brief: To re-launch this brand. The core objective was to rebuild brand image and showcase them as a globally established leader in the industry. The campaign had to reflect their new vision, credentials, rich portfolio and evolved services. Also to reconnect with existing and potential clients.

ClientTechnology Associates, East AfricaServicesRebrandingYear2016

The Approach: The core strength was the huge number of projects executed. Technology Associates, had successfully deployed mission-critical data centres, large scale data networks as well as security services. All these to financial institutions, public sector companies, manufacturing and distribution companies, educational institutions as well as to Africa’s burgeoning telecom industry.

The old and lengthy identity was dropped and a new bold abbreviated identity TA was adopted. This new identity inspired a new avatar in the brand imagery across internal and external stakeholders. The colour Green was chosen to convey growth, renewal and freshness that would complement the brand vision.

Since TA had earned many ‘firsts’ in the African continent and their innovation had helped bring about change, these credentials we tactically portrayed in the campaign and internal branding. This reinforced the brand’s transformation and contribution towards the development of an emerging Africa.

The Result: TA was able to rise like the Phoenix and create a positive impact on a global scale. The campaign smartly strengthened their extensive network base and helped leverage an increased clientele.

The evolved brand image and internal branding was a high point in the transition from old to new and won the appreciation of both clients and the employee-partners.

A fulfilling reward!

Service rendered: Rebranding strategy, Brand identity, Brand Manual, Work Environment Branding, Internal Communication and Corporate campaign.
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