About Indya Estates: Indya Estates is a leading developer of affordable housing in Bengaluru. With 5.5 mn sq ft under construction and approval, the brand has a customer base of 5000 across north and south Bengaluru. Flagship projects include The Greens at Anekal and The SkyView at Devanahalli.

ClientIndya EstatesServicesBrandingYear2017

The Need: Indya Estates has been one of the most aggressive advertisers in Bangalore. However, the brand has always been promoting the tactical campaign of sales and offers. A corporate imagery was lacking. With RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act) coming into practice, we found that customers had the right to know what RERA is all about and advised Indya Estates to take the initiative to promote RERA and inform customers about it.

Approach: Real Estate has faced tremendous trust deficit in past few years. With this campaign, we wanted to assure people of the promises made by builders including Indya Estates. This gave birth to the term “RERAssurance” ensuring buyers of the security of buying a home with RERA on their side. A series of print ads, online communication, blogs and seminars were planned. A publication was created for buyers to download and study the benefits of RERA. Entire initiative was powered by Indya Estates.

The Result: Indya Estates website traffic grew exponentially to download the publication and read the blogs. The effort to communicate with property buyers on common ground paid off.