The Approach: A communication exercise in electronic space was planned.

Questions related to the broking industry were asked. It was revealed that in a category where the base product is vanilla and the offering completely undifferentiated, the key questions are: What differentiates one broking house from another? What creates long-term traction, loyalty and increase of business volumes? It was also observed that most clients have more than one broking relationship – combination of width and depth. For a combination of efficient margins and for the scrutiny and selection of varying ideas for investments.

To get these answers, a brand audit was conducted with the objective of obtaining an insight, which could be the foundation for a brand communication exercise. We understood the target audience well and found that one of the biggest traits of a successful investor is his ability to pick the right advice.

With overload of communication and information it became even more imperative to cut to the chaff and filter communication to enable meaningful and appropriate recommendation. An advisor who had the courage to speak the truth even if it was tantamount to a disagreement, would be welcome in such a scenario.

Our big idea was “Gain from the right perspective”. TV commercial portrayed the rich HNI class in various situations as being victims of the ‘yes-man’ syndrome.

The Result: Phillip Capital could successfully create awareness of the brand through a well-planned media campaign.

Service rendered: Brand Audit, Communication Strategy, Scripts, Production
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