In ancient times, birds were used to transfer messages far and wide, in modern times we have ‘Twitter’… Just a one-liner is sometimes enough to get the idea across. Indeed a swell tool for the Modern Marketer.

From the Marketing stand-point, Twitter figuratively can be termed as the heartbeat on social media; every other ‘tweet’ will improve the chances of the survival of the product. From breaking news to social connections, Twitter, the ‘micro-blogging’ genius lets people interact and share and create content through online communities. With Twitter, it’s easy to gain followers and to promote products, converse with customers, monitor feedback and trends and provide customer service.

BillBachao is an India-based company that helps people find the most suitable mobile plans for their needs. BillBachao uses Twitter to share promotions, tap into relevant conversations, and engage with customers. “Twitter gives us an organic reach more than any other social media platform. It’s the fastest and most effective way for us to establish conversations with prospects and connect with influencers.” — Ameya Kolambekar, Marketing Head, BillBachao. By including a question in their Tweet copy, BillBachao helped users feel like they were part of a conversation and compelled them to click through. In fact, data shows that app campaigns paired with Tweets that include a “?” drive 8% more clicks*.

‘Twitter posts threefold rise in India revenue
to Rs. 42.7 crore in FY16 – Livemint’

Considering India’s marketing environment, Twitter has not been leveraged on a versatile business platform, and also majority of the benefits are still to be reaped. Tweeting mostly is still in the handiwork of the young generation. The above statistics shows a forecast of the number of active Twitter users in India from 2013 to 2019.

Thinking about Twitter in the context of social media is a major leap forward. The consumer now has a tool at his disposal to reach out directly to the top management and provide a positive review or address the grievances.

The marketing department should know the importance of all the tools available at its disposal. Hence, having this useful tool ‘Twitter’ in the arsenal can lead to a quick-fire strategy. But the question arises; How to formulate a Twitter Strategy? You have identified the target audience, the potential market, and now looking forward to tap into the selling aspect needs a decent Marketing Plan. Having a Twitter Strategy can work wonders for the brand, as well as keep it fresh in the minds of the audience for a longer period.

Understanding The Exact Organic Reach
The main challenge is understanding the exact organic reach of Twitter on social media. Even if the formulated strategy is good, the exact outreach needs to be mapped. The concept of organic tweets is also of relevance here. It is highly important to have unique people who are being exposed to the content. This can be achieved through providing relevant, unique and focused content to the appropriate audiences. With relevant targeting practices, the number of organic tweets can always see a higher graph.

‘Twitter Creates ‘Lite’ Version for Data-Starved Users – CIO Today’

The Live-tweeting option provided by Twitter can be an engaging and continuous prospect to put the idea of the brand in the world. The focus can be a big live event or it can be a small event like Q&A session with your followers. Live-tweeting increases social interactions thus helping businesses raise brand awareness, increase engagement, and allowing them to draw attention to an event or campaign as it happens.

Engaging Social Media Influencers
To enhance Twitter strategy for marketing, social media influencers are an endearing trend in digital marketing. It is the practice of building important business relationships with people who can influence audiences towards you. This is an excellent strategy to have influential audiences supporting the brand and the products.

When Mahindra’s first automatic scooter Gusto was unveiled, the brand launched an innovative influencer-driven campaign involving food lovers in a city. Called the #GoGustoRides, Mahindra arranged a food ride led by influential food bloggers who explored the city’s most famous food joints by riding their Gusto.

In this digital world where every second counts and that very second, it can distract the digital media user to something more engaging, it is crucial to keep the user engaged by revealing just enough snippet to keep them wanting for more. The strategy should be such that the tempo of the conversation is not lost or the focus being drifted away. Engaging visuals, thoughtful captions, interesting followers and just a pinch of creativity can keep it chirping non-stop.

Looking at the new campaign managers for the dynamic market, we come across scores of young social media users who are developing a career from leveraging content to influence consumer via Instagram and YouTube. The concept of micro influencers has become popular with global brands to promote their products. Using such activist,it becomes much easier to enhance the reach of the brand and at the same time create a lasting impression.

Global brands opting for social media influencers – Economic Times’

Connecting with the influencers will help identify engagement opportunities. With the advantage of the size of their audiences, they can influence the brand among the audiences keeping at heart the original idea. However, there are a few things to take into account while connecting with the influencers. Is the influencer relevant to the brand? Will the influencer be able to reach the target audience? Do you have a plan to take advantage of the influencer outreach? The best way to connect with influencers is to start small, decide on the quality and quantity of exposure, indentify the right influencers, recognize similar interests and outcomes and measure the progress with regular feedback and response.

Using Twitter Analytics
Twitter Analytics is an essential feedback tool which helps you determine your target audience, measure your engagement, identify what is working for you, and what you need to improve on. Every strategy need to be analysed and improved upon. The effectiveness should always be the prime concern of the marketing team.

‘Content marketing could be the next best thing since EDMs in APAC – The Drum’

The CMOs need to have a sense of what is currently trending as per their brand and products. Harnessing the assets at the CMOs disposal to fine tune the Twitter strategy can lead to a favourable outcome for overcoming the challenges of Reach, Engagement & Advocacy. A vast variety of tools are available on Twitter for monitoring, analysing, data visualizations, optimizing, reporting, follow ups, etc. An appropriate mixture of these can help in overcoming the limitations and achieving the desired results of this hugely underused tool.
And also it is wonderful to note,
“With the right ‘Tweet, Tweet’ it can soon be ‘Cha-Ching’!”